High-Definition Laser Scanning

The latest in cutting-edge surveying technology. A non-intrusive method to obtain three-dimensional geometry measurements and models of existing structures and sites for both large- and small-scale projects. SSM is using high-definition scanning for campus master planning, historic building preservation and industrial complexes. This technology saves time and adds value to your projects. We look forward to discussing a cost-effective solution to fit your needs.


  • Quickly map and model large, complex sites and structures and visually show modifications
  • Unprecedented level of detail and accuracy
  • Accurate measurements of areas too dangerous or difficult for traditional access
  • Acquires as-built information inside and outside of any structure quickly and efficiently
  • Used under any lighting conditions
  • Allows for “virtual” revisit of the same site or structure
  • Overlays of digital photos can be added for realism
  • Stores and manages data more effectively
  • Enables long-term facilities management