We enhance the quality of life of those touched by our work - our clients and those they serve; our employees; and our partners.  

We work with clients in the US and the Caribbean to plan, design, build, finance, operate, and maintain diverse types of infrastructure and assets.

SSM provides and connects specialists, across an extensive network, with deep technical expertise to address complex challenges. Rigorous project management with obsessive communication deliver solutions on time and on budget. Period.



Everything we do begins with a challenge. A client's need or vision to make part of the world better: cleaner, safer, healthier, faster, smarter, closer, more modern, more efficient, or otherwise more useful. What's your challenge?

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We strive to be leaders in current technology applications and how they can best be leveraged to help our clients successfully do what they do. We are pleased to be able to share our findings, insights, and resources with you. 

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Innovation built on a strong foundation. Our multi-disciplined engineering and consulting firm blends second-generation entrepreneurial thinking with traditional values.  

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