Making visions a reality.

It takes the coordinated efforts of planners, surveyors and engineers of multiple disciplines to manage the complexities of infrastructure and building site development. Creating a first-rate land plan and guiding it through the maze of approval and permitting obstacles – all within time and budget constraints – demands an experienced consultant with proven management skills, multi-disciplinary expertise and broad knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment. With SSM, you get it all from a single-source – full service land development capabilities backed by a long and successful track record for delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to challenging projects.

Sustainable designs. Building green doesn't have to put a project in the red. We consider environmental sustainability in every project, and look for opportunities to maximize natural resources and incorporate renewable building materials in the vision. Structures can be situated for minimal environmental impact. Stormwater can be managed to minimize runoff, even retained for landscaping. Whether you're looking for full LEED Certification or just as many green accents as practical within a limited budget, make SSM part of the picture.

Regulatory expertise. Without an experienced guide, the land development process can easily get mired in approvals and regulatory requirements. SSM knows the way to keep it moving smoothly, navigating the right channels, developing designs that meet government and regulatory standards as well as the client's vision, and keeping project goals clearly in sight.

The latest in cutting-edge technology. CAD and GIS-based design capabilities have become increasingly valuable in fieldwork. For example, we integrate field surveys and our own stormwater planning software to factor grading, rainfall averages and other data, and more quickly determine the optimum size and location for culverts and detention basins.