Existing Structure and Landscape Conditions


Swarthmore College Scott Amphitheatre

Scans: 8Scan Time: 1 day


Working for Project Architect Atkin-Olshen, and CVM, the structural engineers responsible for designing a proposed removable canopy and supporting structures for the existing 50-year-old open-air Amphitheatre, SSM utilized high definition laser scanning equipment and software to quickly and accurately capture the existing structure and landscape conditions. These services were employed to enable the project team to design the renovations in a 3‑D environment. The Revit model and accompanying point cloud allows the team and owner to design and then view the effects their design will have on the multi-terraced levels, stone retaining walls and mature trees.  In addition, SSM utilized an existing topographical survey plan that was imported into Revit and used as supplemental background information.

SSM delivered the following:

  • An accurate 3D model of the Ampitheatre developed in Revit. The point cloud data was included in the Revit drawing.
  • Leica Tru-View of each scanner position. Leica Tru-View is a free web-based tool allowing the user to view the point cloud and field photography together, to easily and quickly “re-visit” the scanned areas of the building. Tasks such as panning, zooming, acquiring measurements and mark-up tools are all functions of the Leica Tru-View Software.
3D view from bottom Swarthmore1.jpg