Spottlight on Resolutions for the New Year

The Tradition of Resolutions

From losing weight to saving more money, from learning to knit to running a marathon, from spending more time with family to quitting smoking . . . the practice of making New Year’s resolutions is a worldwide tradition that’s steeped in history. Four thousand years ago in ancient Babylonia the people held celebrations in honor of the new year. They affirmed their loyalty to their king and made promises to the gods to pay their debts and returned borrowed objects. In return for keeping these promises, the gods would bestow favor on them for the coming year. In ancient Rome, the new year was a symbolic time to look at the previous year and ahead to the future. Friends settled differences and people exchanged gifts like pears or sweets as wishes for a sweet new year. We’d like to wish you a Sweet New Year and invite you to take advantage of our business relationships and enjoy an assortment of treats representing some of our clients.

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Business Resolutions

New Year’s is the perfect time of year to reflect on areas where you’d like to see a change in your organization and to take steps to achieve those improvements. Let’s face it – a resolution looks a lot like a goal. You set an objective, outline a plan, and take action. So why not resolve to make some changes in your organization?

  • Think about what you want to achieve.
  • Say it out loud.
  • Ask for help.

Resolution: Focus on the Core

It takes a lot to make and market a product. It also takes a lot to assure regulatory compliance as well as address needs such as increased capacity, routine maintenance and facility expansion. That's why manufacturers of everything from chocolate to steel turn to SSM when it comes time to secure prime locations, plan more efficient warehouses and distribution centers, conduct feasibility studies, upgrade utilities and building systems, improve traffic flow and expand operations. By taking the lead on the facilities engineering side, we enable manufacturers to focus more on their core business.


Resolution: Stop Wasting Energy

Are you faced with hot spots, cold spots, and a basic mismatch of providing more nominal cooling than necessary? Whether you use underfloor air distribution or “in the space” cooling, getting the air to the load has been a trial and error undertaking usually resulting in oversized cooling capacity and less floor space. The overlooked fundamental issue is air distribution.

We utilize CFD analysis to optimize the cooling system and layout. The data power load and the cooling system are matched and arranged to achieve maximum energy efficiency. This keeps the cost of cooling both in equipment and operation down while maximizing the data load capability. We create a model that replicates the physical data center layout including power densities and cooling equipment locations and capabilities and the analysis is run to determine the resulting temperatures and airflows in the space. Using programs specifically designed for use in analyzing air movement and heat transfer, we can create a virtual simulation of the conditions within the data center. The CFD analysis is a valuable tool for data center design that can save time and money by taking the guess work out of rack layout and cooling airflow design.