High-Definition Survey Building Scan

Reading Pagoda and Retaining Wall

Reading Pagoda and Retaining Wall

Kautter and Kelley Architects

Reading Pagoda

Reading, Pennsylvania

Standing atop Mt. Penn, 886 feet above the City of Reading, the Pagoda is the city's most visible icon. The structure was constructed in 1908. Most recent restoration activities include landscaping for design of Japanese garden and upgrades to the HVAC and lighting systems.

SSM's project team utilized conventional surveying methods and HDS (High-Definition Scanner) technology to perform topographical and exterior building surveys and landscaping design of the Japanese-style building overlooking the City of Reading. The project was expanded to include the 40 feet high retaining walls.  Designed repairs to retaining wall to stabilize embankment and eliminate erosion.

The building survey included the mechanical room and was expanded to include a HDS scan of the internal controls and equipment. All work was tied to State Plane Coordinates and the elevations were referenced to a local GNS vertical control monument. 

Several AutoCAD design drawings were prepared utilizing the data, including a three-dimensional boiler room model.

Project Highlights

  • Parking Lot Expansion 
  • Landscape Design of Lower Garden
  • Main Entry Modifications
  • Repairs to Stairs and Railings
  • Stone Wall Repair, Painting
  • HVAC and Electrical Lighting Upgrades
Reading PAgoda High Definition Scan Data

Reading PAgoda High Definition Scan Data