Conditions Assessment HVAC and Lighting



Villanova University | Falvey Hall

Villanova, Pennsylvania

Performed an evaluation of the existing HVAC and lighting systems in Falvey Memorial Library. The purpose of this evaluation was to document existing system conditions, identify needed system improvements, and identify potential energy savings associated recommended improvements.

Falvey Hall was constructed in 1949, expanded in 1967 and was mostly served by unmodified original HVAC and lighting systems. SSM found the building operations, primarily the lack of a wintertime cooling source, led to an inability to maintain adequate space conditions for occupant comfort. Due to this inability to maintain occupant comfort, Villanova University was consuming significantly less energy at this facility than we would have anticipated. This resulted in potential energy savings that were small in comparison to the cost of upgrades identified as needed for the facility. SSM was successful in meeting the client objectives of documenting existing conditions, identify system needs and identify potential energy savings; unfortunately the system needs were too great to find a reasonable payback.