Energy Audit and Systems Design


Children’s Beach House


The Children’s Beach House is an approximate 20,000 square foot, two story facility that holds summer and weekend camps for children with communicative disabilities and other special needs.

SSM conducted a survey and performed an energy audit of the existing facility in 2010 and suggested several no cost and low cost strategies for saving energy as well as some capital improvement project that would have an impact on energy efficiency. In 2011 SSM expanded the energy audit to further investigate other energy saving strategies such as converting the existing heat pump system to a geothermal heat pump system, installing a wind turbine power generator, and installing a PV solar array.

After implementation of several energy conservation measures, SSM again was asked to evaluate more energy saving strategies for the facility with the consideration that the existing mechanical equipment was reaching the end of its useful life. SSM performed a life cycle cost analysis of the HVAC systems to compare replacement in kind with a geothermal heat pump system and a variable refrigerant system (VRF). The VRF system offered the lowest overall lifecycle cost and was recommended to the client. SSM is assisting the Children’s Beach house in completion of grant applications to fund the project and will design the HVAC renovation.