Spottlight on the Park



Did You Know . . . that each day we use an estimated 500 million straws?

That’s an average rate of 1.6 straws per person per day! (

If you’re focusing on sustainability . . . maybe it’s time to trade-in the plastic straw. Recently, many fast-food restaurants, cities, parks, and businesses have taken a step toward reducing the use of plastic and have pledged to ban plastic straws in their areas. Reusable stainless steel drinking straws aren’t just a stylish new fad, they’re a way to help keep plastic straws out of our oceans and landfills. Not only are they incredibly durable and long-lasting, but when they are at the end of their life and it’s time to dispose of, you can rest assured knowing that stainless steel is the most recycled material on earth. Need some more reasons to make the switch? Read more

A Walk in the Park

On March 30th we celebrate National Take a Walk in the Park Day an (unofficial) annual holiday encouraging people to get active and enjoy the physical and mental benefits that come from walking in nature. It’s a perfect day to go out for a walk in the park. Enjoy nature’s beauty and being outside. According to, “Walking in nature - away from the dust and pollution of streets and cars - can boost moods and reduce stress.”

How can you celebrate?

  • Grab your favorite walking shoes, leave your phone behind and breathe in the fresh air as you walk around your local park.

  • Bring a good friend or a family member with you on your walk. What better way to enjoy nature and maintain your health than to share it with a loved one?

  • Join the online conversation and share a post of you enjoying nature’s beauty. #TakeAWalkInTheParkDay

We’re celebrating some of our community recreational projects:

  • Jordan Greenway Trail - SSM prepared construction drawings for a one-mile section of paved multi-use trail along the Jordan Creek within property owned by Whitehall Township.

  • Structural Assessment for Coal Breaker at Eckley Miner’s Village - SSM's structural engineers assessed the existing condition of the timber-framed structure and provided engineering analysis and design to replace or reconstruct a portion of the coal breaker, called the tipple.

  • Bingaman House Recreational Center - Lake Antietam Park