• Master Plans and Concept Sketches
  • Construction Plans, Specifications and Bid Documents
  • Construction Observation and Administration
  • Certified Playground Safety Consultations
  • Community Input Surveys
  • Grant Applications and Administration
  • Ordinance Provisions for Park Land Dedication
  • Recreation Impact Fee Calculations
  • ADA, CPSC, and ASTM C ompliance

Symbols of community pride.

A system of parks, recreation programs and open space areas is a measure of a community's commitment to its residents' quality of life. But it takes work and wisdom to make good play areas. Like balancing recreational opportunities with the needs of the local roads, police force and other infrastructure essentials. Preparing grant applications to help municipalities obtain matching funds for recreational projects. Writing ordinance provisions to encourage the dedication of parkland and generate recreation impact funds. Combining expertise in landscape architecture with civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. Designing play areas that meet ADA requirements and the safety guidelines of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Selecting play equipment that challenges a child's imagination, and arranging it to maximize space utilization. Conducting safety inspections at existing playgrounds, recommending practical steps to address safety hazards, and minimizing liability exposure.

Developing a successful park and recreation program from concept through construction is child's play for us. And nearly as much fun.