Checklist: Preparing your Wastewater Treatment Plant for Winter

Preventative Maintenance is a priority as the weather starts to turn cold.

  • Adjust the Biomass. Because every 10 degree (F) drop in temperature results in a drastic change of bacterial metabolic rates, it is necessary to adjust your biomass to make up for the slower metabolic rates.

  • Increase grease/solid removal. Remove grease/solids more often. Increased flow of fall and winter rains or snow will result in more grit and grease in your aeration basin, negatively altering the bacterial makeup.

  • Clear walkways and bridges. Make sure all walkways and chained bridges are de-iced and cleared off.

  • Keep channels free of ice. Keep ice cleared throughout channels and piping in the plant, it can quickly build up and cause blockages.

  • Test the heat exchangers. If your plant has digesters that capture gas, make sure your heat exchangers are working to eliminate any temperature drops that could result in bacterial changes.

  • Drain all fixtures with standing water to prevent damage from freezing.

  • Ensure heaters are working throughout the plant.