Checklist: Mold Prevention - Winter Preparations

Mold is a growing problem in buildings – no matter the season. Now is the time to plan ahead to avoid problems like mold and legionella.

  •  Leaks and Drainage.

    •  Address roof leaks and poor drainage areas around the building.

    • Clean and repair roof gutters to avoid ice dams.

    • Make sure the ground around your building slopes away from the foundation so that water doesn’t pond.

  • Housekeeping Training.

    Avoid environmental quality problems with indoor air and watery systems by training on effective and appropriate means and methods of maintenance and cleaning procedures.

  • Establish Routine Flushing Cycle.

    If portions of your plumbing system are used infrequently, establish a routine flushing program to prevent bacterial growth in your water system.

  • Check the Seals.

    Make sure all the seals on the windows and doors are not compromised and are in good working condition. Act quickly if condensation appears on windows, pipes or walls inside the building. Dry out the area and determine if the source of the condensation is from a leak or the result of high humidity.