K-12 | ABCs of Campus Engineering

Ee is for Electrical Engineering


Electrical Service Upgrade and Cogeneration System Modification. SSM electrical engineers designed the new 5 KV underground primary connection and medium voltage cables from the existing Met-Ed aerial line and pole to the Met-Ed Metering Section and Main Fused Switch of the new 5 KV Outdoor Switchgear. Designed the new 5 KV Outdoor Switchgear for installation along the outside southeast wall of the boiler and maintenance building. Designed the concrete pad for the switchgear. Designed the 5 KV medium voltage cable feeders from the new fused feeder switches to supply existing feeder cables and circuits. Re-circuiting of the existing cables will be in the existing electrical vault and possibly within the enclosure of the existing 4800 Volt Switchgear. Evaluated the overall loads of the facility 5 KV feeder circuits, the boiler plant, and the cogeneration based on the FSG data in order to determine the cogeneration spare capacity. Designed the modifications to the Cogeneration Power Distribution circuits and equipment to add an electrically motor operated circuit breakers in order to supply power during a utility outage.

Ii is for Indoor Air Quality


Conducted an asbestos survey and assessment and delivered AHERA Management Plans including review of existing drawings, previous asbestos inspections, and current Management Plans for 60+ buildings including re-locatables. Assessment and documentation of both the condition of any ACM not previously identified and previously identified ACM.

Ww is for Water System


  • Water System Evaluation and Feasibility Study - Provided a water system evaluation and feasibility study to address current water needs and provide recommendations to the District for improvements to the system and better service to the schools’ population. SSM’s engineers evaluated the existing wells, the water supply system, and the storage and distribution system for the East High School and Holicong Middle School.
  • Potable Water Tank Replacement and Maintenance Building Addition - SSM engineers provided structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering and design services for the removal and replacement of an existing 5,000 gallon potable water storage tank with two new 7,500 gallon storage tanks to be supported on new foundations, and a maintenance equipment room addition for storage of equipment.