Higher Education | ABCs of Campus Engineering

Aa is for Architectural Engineering

MANSFIELD UNIVERSITY | Foor and Associates Architects

Study and preliminary design for the conversion of a 2,400 square foot lecture hall into three separate functional spaces by the installation of moveable partitions. HVAC and electrical systems needed to be reconfigured to function as three individual zones. SSM performed a survey of existing HVAC and electrical systems, determined how to modify these systems to support the new architectural layout for the space, and estimated the cost of construction for the renovations. SSM also evaluated the existing structure to determine if it could support the proposed moveable partitions.

Hh is for High-Definition Scanning

SWARTHMORE COLLEGE | The Scott Amphitheatre

Working for Project Architect Atkin-Olshin, and CVM, the structural engineers responsible for designing a proposed removable canopy and supporting structures for the existing 50-year-old open-air Amphitheatre, SSM utilized high-definition laser scanning equipment and software to quickly and accurately capture the existing structure and landscape conditions. The Revit model and accompanying point cloud allows the team and owner to design and then view the effects their design will have on the multi-terraced levels, stone retaining walls and mature trees. In addition, SSM utilized an existing topographical survey plan that was imported into Revit and used as supplemental background information. SSM delivered the point cloud data, Leica Tru-View of each scanner position and an accurate 3D model of the Amphitheatre developed in Revit.

Mm is for Mechanical Engineering

MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY| Berg Hall and Rowley Hall

Conversion of two dormitory HVAC Systems from Two-Pipe to Four-Pipe Systems. Berg Hall and Rowley Hall are both dormitory buildings located at Marymount University in Arlington, VA. The existing dorm rooms in each building were served by fan coil units supplied by a two-pipe heating and cooling system. The scope of the project was to replace the existing fan coil units, greater than 270 individual units, and upgrade the existing two-pipe system to a four-pipe system in each building. Work in Berg Hall also included replacement of the existing air-cooled chiller with two new 35-ton water-cooled heat recovery chillers, and the addition of a dry cooler. The existing boilers were also replaced with a new 600 MBH boiler, and new pumps were provided for the heating system as well as the cooling system. SSM performed a detailed field survey of each building. The existing fan coil units were located in extremely tight spaces above the ceiling.

Ss is for Structural Engineering


SSM engineers provided structural engineering for an approximately 15,000 square foot addition to the Student Union and Services Building at Lincoln University. The project included significant upgrades to the existing building area. The existing two-story concrete framed building was expanded on three sides by the addition of a two-story steel framed structure. The upgrades included the addition or modification of a mailroom, bookstore, cinema viewing area, offices, game room, two-story atrium, storage and maintenance areas, and a multi-purpose area. The existing structure was analyzed and reinforced as required for new loads, including new rooftop mechanical equipment. The structural design included design of foundations, ground floor slab, retaining walls, elevated floor slabs, steel framing, and roof deck. Performed construction phase services including structural shop drawing reviews, responding to contractor's “Request for Information” (RFI), and occasional site visits to review construction.