Chiller Plant Study and Design


Confidential Client - Corporate Offices and Data Center

New York

SSM developed a plan to convert a chilled water plant consisting of two independent chilled water systems comprised of 2 – 600 ton chillers (N+1) and associated pumps and 2 – 250 ton chillers (N+1) and associated pumps to a single system consisting of 3 – 400 ton chillers and associated pumps. The project goal was to create a single central chilled water plant providing N+1 redundancy and development of a new sequence of operation allowing for automatic operation of the plant including automatic energizing of redundant equipment in the event of failure and rotation of equipment to equalize runtime. The project also included reconfiguration of power supplies to the equipment to reduce single points of failure.

The construction documents included instructions for phasing of construction to maintain operation of the existing plant while modifications and interconnection of the various subsystems was accomplished. The reconfiguration maximized the reuse of the existing piping network and power distribution.