Ventilation Studies



Nestle Waters North America

Poland Springs ME, Breinigsville PA, Zephyr Hills Florida

NWNA is a business unit of Nestlé Nestle Waters North America (NWNA) S.A. The Nestlé Waters business represents 10% of Nestlé, S.A. global sales and holds the number one leadership position for bottled water brands in the world. Nestlé Waters North America represented 36.4% ($)of the bottled water market in 2010 producing water under the brand names of Perrier, Aqua Panna, S. Pellegrino, Deer Park, Arrowhead, Ice Mountain, Ozarka, Zephyrhills, Poland Spring, re-source, and Nestle Pure Life.  SSM has worked with NWNA at several sites throughout the United States including Poland Springs ME, Breinigsville PA, and Zephyr Hills FL.

Our services have included providing ventilation studies at these three facilities to evaluate airflow, contaminant migration, and temperature control.

A key element and driver of the study at two of the facilities involved area carbon monoxide levels above the OSHA guideline. SSM performed both spot and time-history testing of carbon monoxide levels as well as space temperature and observed operating procedures within the facility.  The studies provided recommendations for modifications and additions to the ventilation systems including recommendations for ventilation control systems to achieve the desired results while minimizing energy consumption.

Subsequent projects included the design of those ventilation systems and the design of the ventilation control systems including heat recovery. 

Other projects have included the design of new ammonia chiller cooling systems, HVAC design for clean manufacturing areas, ventilation system validation, and arc flash studies and training.