Chilled Water Capacity Study



Teleflex Medical

Reading, Pennsylvania

Teleflex Medical is a global provider of medical devices used in critical care surgery.

SSM analyzed the chilled water system serving a 27,600 square foot manufacturing cleanroom in the Corporate Headquarters Facility. The addition of process cooling equipment and minor increases in lab space led to concern about the existing 270 ton chiller plant's ability to meet the demand. The study revealed that the chiller capacity was approximately equal to the cooling load but, due to the need to provide higher chilled water temperature for equipment cooling to prevent condensation, the system was not providing humidity control for the building. SSM architectural engineers recommended the creation of a new chilled water distribution system to serve the process equipment allowing for chilled water to be supplied at different temperatures. SSM evaluated the economics of creating this new distribution as a stand alone system versus making the new distribution system a secondary loop off of the existing chilled water primary distribution. Additional evaluations included replacing the existing chillers with larger chillers, adding an additional chiller, and/or shedding 70 tons of cooling load by using energy recovery to precondition ventilation air for adding approximately 70 tons of cooling to the facility.