Township Engineer

Perkiomen Township

Perkiomen Township

Perkiomen Township

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

  • Township Engineer | As Township Engineer, SSM has not only provided the typical array of township engineering services to the Township but has, during periods when staff were overwhelmed, stepped in and worked shoulder to shoulder with the staff, serving in such capacities as Building and Codes Officials and Zoning Officers.  These times have served to cement the relationship we enjoy with this municipality.

  • Township Building | Prepared site plans and coordinated with architect for new Township Building complex.  Prepared bid specifications and assisted in the construction management of the new building.  

  • Road Improvement Projects | Project Manager for the road improvements projects including preparation of specifications, and contract documents for annual road improvement projects for 1999 through 2006.  Included preconstruction meetings, progress meetings, shop drawing reviews and contractor communications and coordinating construction phase services.

  • Infrastructure Inventory | Performed an inventory of all existing municipal roads and streets, including lengths, widths, roadside conditions, pavement condition and maintenance history, and compiled this information into an electronic spreadsheet. Determined optimum maintenance/construction method needed for each road segment and developed a multi-year maintenance and construction program. The programs typically ranged from 7-year to 10-year cycles, during which all roads received preventative or corrective maintenance. Included budget cost estimates for each segment and balancing the program to provide consistent yearly costs. Includes re-evaluating and updating the program on a bi-annual cycle. SSM maintains a database of past repair and future maintenance required for the Township roads. This data was linked to the spatial street centerline file, allowing the user to graphically view where roads have been repaired, when they were repaired, and at what cost. Similarly, the user can query and display future road maintenance required.

  • Township GIS Project | The GIS project began with new digital orthophotography of the Township to create accurate street centerline and edge of pavement geospatial files.  Parcel lines were obtained in AutoCAD format, transformed to GIS format, and converted to real-world coordinates in order to 'overlay' data sets.  Subsequent GIS development included tying existing Township data to geospatial files.