Agustin Conesa, PE, BCEE Joins SSM as Senior Water/Wastewater Engineer

Agustin Conesa, PE, BCEE

Agustin Conesa, PE, BCEE

SSM celebrates another member of our Boomerang Club as we welcome Agustin Conesa, PE, BCEE as a Senior Water and Wastewater Engineer. Mr. Conesa will be a key component in the firm’s water, wastewater and industrial process engineering and design efforts and will provide quality control/quality assurance oversight on all project initiatives. He has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and water/wastewater consulting engineering market.

His experience includes project management, process and project design of the following:

  • Biological and enhanced nutrient removal (BNR/ENR) systems
  • Pump stations
  • Raw influent wastewater screening and de-gritting systems
  • Aeration systems
  • Disinfection and chemical feed systems
  • Modeling of activated sludge processes
  • Solid waste stabilization processes including biosolids dewatering and drying systems
  • Energy cogeneration systems
  • Process and instrumentation control systems

Based on the most recognizable type of boomerang, the Returning Boomerang; a special kind, that when thrown correctly, travels in a curved path and returns to its point of origin, the club was created as a means of celebrating those employees that had traveled their career path and returned to their point of origin, SSM.

Our company’s spirit, professional opportunities and working environment are certainly part of the power that draws our Boomerangers back.