2016 PA Groundwater Symposium

Stochastic Modeling

Tackling Complexity through Stochastic Modeling

A Hydrogeologic Study of the Gettysburg Basin

Tackling Hydrogeologic Complexity

  • Intermediate-scale geologic features exert a large influence on the groundwater flow patterns.

  • Suspected seasonal reversals of groundwater flow direction complicate the groundwater flow regime mapping.

  • Stochastic modeling techniques were employed to frame the unquantified variations inherent within this unique hydrogeologic system.

  • Source water protection zones were generated by aggregating thousands of flow simulations that meet observed criterion ranges.

Alfred Guiseppe, PG, Director Water Supply and Development



2016 PA Groundwater Symposium: In celebration of National Drinking Water Week, Penn State Extension and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection along with numerous other sponsors presented the 2016 Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium at the Ramada Inn Conference Center in State College, PA The Symposium theme, The Changing Climate of Groundwater, provided a forum for researchers, students, professionals and educators working in the groundwater field to exchange information and promote protection of groundwater resources throughout the state.