$25,000,000 available for PA Small Water and Sewer Grants


SSM assisted our clients in obtaining over $370,000 in CFA Grant funding last year, as well as $200,000 in other DCED Grant funding.



The Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) announced another round of PA Small Water and Sewer Grants for 2017-2018. To be eligible for reimbursement, project costs must be incurred within the time frame established by the grant agreement. To apply for funding, the applicant must submit the electronic online DCED Single Application for Assistance.  Applications are due February 28, 2018.

Eligible Projects:

Eligible projects are those with a total project cost between $30,000 and $500,000 that involve the construction, improvement, expansion, repair, or rehabilitation of a water supply or sanitary sewer system (including water and wastewater treatment facilities and pump stations) which is owned and maintained by an eligible applicant.

An eligible project also includes consolidation or regionalization of two or more water supply systems or sanitary sewer systems which are managed or operated as an integrated system regardless of whether the system is physically connected.

Eligible Use of Funds:

Funds may be used by the applicant to pay for any of the following project costs:

  • Construction, improvement, expansion, repair, or rehabilitation of a water supply system or sanitary sewer system.
  • Installation of security measures.
  • Acquisition of land, rights-of-way and easements necessary to construct an eligible project.
  • Purchase and installation of fixed equipment.
  • Engineering and design costs not to exceed 10% of the grant amount and inspection costs related to the construction of an eligible project.
  • Permit Fees.
  • Costs to secure appropriate bonds and insurance.
  • Administrative costs of the applicant that are necessary to administer the grant, including: advertising, legal costs, and documented staff expenses (not to exceed 2% of the grant amount).
  • Project contingencies associated with construction costs (up to 5% of the eligible construction costs).

Ineligible costs include, but are not limited to, fees for securing other financing, interest on borrowed funds, refinancing of existing debt, lobbying, fines, application preparation fees, tap in fees, and costs incurred prior to approval.