What’s the To-Do with Dog Poo?

pet waste3.jpg

When you leave your pet waste on the grass or sidewalk, or when you improperly dispose of pet waste through storm or street drains - you could be contributing to low water quality and water pollution.

Remember everything you’ve learned about stormwater? Let’s think about that next to pet waste. When we leave our pet’s waste in the yard, on sidewalks, or even dump it down the storm drain - we’re offering it an almost direct path to our sacred water sources.

Once it’s in the water, pet waste can do a number of damaging things to our water quality and to our aquatic life! The decaying process uses up a lot of oxygen in lakes or streams. (Remember - oxygen is what those underwater animals need to live!)

Pet waste can also cause some of those waters to become quite gross looking. With excess pet waste comes excess weed and algae growth. You know what that
means - cloudy and green water.

We also know that pet waste carries an awful lot of diseases and bacteria. Many that we don’t want in our water, and certainly not in our bodies.

Keeping our water bodies clean and free of toxic materials allows us to continue to stay safe from public health risks, large water bills, and mucky boating trips. What will you do it for?

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