Don't forget the Sunscreen

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71% of our planet is water.

  3% of that water is freshwater.

  1% of that freshwater is water we can actually use.

If the world’s freshwater supply amounted to a full bathtub, the amount easily accessible to humanity (what we have available to us regularly) would fill a thimble. It doesn’t seem like much. Yet even this little thimble full of water is, in theory, enough to sustain all life on our planet. Fresh waters contain elements like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, carbon, chlorine, and sulfur—as well as plant nutrients such as nitrogen, silicon, and phosphorus. Matter breaks down naturally into these elements and keeps a healthy balance. But introduce skin care, and that environment is affected. Understanding how our choices for skin care affects marine environments that we love is the first step to choosing better.

What we put into our rivers, lakes and streams matter.

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