Meeting the Needs of the Changing Retail Space


Shark Finn Inn and Restaurant | C2 Architects

SSM engineers provided design of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for the conversion of a former furniture store into the 7,000 square foot restaurant and bar.

Fresh City Restaurant | C2 Architects

SSM engineers provided design of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for 4,200 square foot restaurant in the Livingston Town Center Mall.

John Harvard Brewhouse | CVM Engineers

SSM engineers provided MEP design for this restaurant brew house.

Student Union and Services Building | Lincoln University

SSM provided structural engineering for an approximately 15,000 square foot addition to the Student Union and Services Building at Lincoln University. The project also included significant upgrades to the existing building area. The existing two story concrete framed building was expanded on three sides by the addition of a two story, steel-framed structure. The upgrades included the addition or modification of a mailroom, bookstore, cinema viewing area, offices, game room, two story atrium, storage and maintenance areas, and a multi-purpose area. The existing structure was analyzed and reinforced as required for new loads, including new rooftop mechanical equipment. The structural design included design of foundations, ground floor slab, retaining walls, elevated floor slabs, steel framing, and roof deck. We also performed construction phase services including structural shop drawing reviews, responding to contractor’s “Request for Information (RFI)”, and occasional site visits to review construction.

West Hall Dormitory | University of the Virgin Islands

Provided HVAC, plumbing and electrical design for a 37,000 square foot residence hall. The project went from conception to occupancy in 13 months. Provided design for new three story, 100 room dormitory on the St Thomas Campus. Design included providing a new service for the dormitory from VIWAPA, the local utility, 13.2 kV – 480 volt distribution transformer, 480/277 volt power distribution to the buildings HVAC equipment and lighting and lighting control systems and 480 to 208/120 volt step-down transformers for each floor to provide general power distribution to the dorm rooms and common space on each floor. Design also included telecommunications wiring, data closets, wireless access points for wireless data communications within the building, fire alarm, and grounding.

Fitness Center | Olympus America Inc.

SSM assessed the existing HVAC systems capability to support the renovation of a portion of the first floor of Building D creating a fitness center. We reviewed the existing capacity of the HVAC system serving the area that may become a fitness center including expansion of the toilet room area into a toilet room and shower area and provided a letter summary of the evaluation including description of the work required to adapt the existing HVAC system to serve the fitness area and highlight potential areas of concern.

Gateway Motion and Fitness

SSM has been engaged with the Owners of Midway Fitness since 2012, performing a building energy audit and expansion feasibility projects for their existing facility located in Rehoboth DE. After the owners’ decision to relocate, SSM was engaged to provide due diligence and concept planning for alternate sites with existing structures and ultimately, the greenfield site selected for development of a new facility, Gateway Motion and Fitness. Due diligence and concept planning included site and civil engineering, and multi-disciplinary building systems.

Performing Arts Center | SMG

Provided structural engineering services to perform an investigation to determine the cause of the mezzanine ceiling failure at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center.

Our scope of work included analysis of a fly bridge over the stage and investigations of a mezzanine and masonry wall.

Structural Capacity | Tait Towers

SSM structural engineers provided services at Tait Towers, a musical performance practice facility for large productions. Services included determining maximum hoist loads, studies to determine floor capacities for carts, and structural review analysis for building cranes and roof top units.

Multi-Services Building for SEI | Blue Rock Construction

Project manager and lead mechanical engineer for the design of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services associated with new 30,000 sf building providing conference facilities, a fitness center, and kitchen and cafeteria.

Auditorium Structural Study | Alvernia University

Conducted an investigation and new design of the lighting rigging supports in the University’s main auditorium.