Source Water Protection

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Building a Regional Network

Water is essential for survival and it must be managed sustainably. With the need for quality source water and drinking water, the River Alert Information Network (RAIN) is working to expand monitoring, education & outreach, and a network in the region. A recent relaunch of the RAIN website,, moves in a more modern direction. On the new website, you can find a blog dedicated to water quality issues and source water protection, the interactive map showing monitoring data, and information about source water in the region. This website gives RAIN an opportunity to grow the network, including water authorities, governmental organizations, local water organizations, and even local emergency response personnel.

The current network of over 50 members supports 23 monitoring sites collecting information on parameters such as pH, conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen. These parameters collect data that is used to make informed decisions about water treatment for quality drinking water. This data is useful not only for water treatment facilities but also for local organizations interested in water, as the data is available to the public on the website. This data can also be found at the Carnegie Science Center at the new RAIN exhibit within the H2Oh! Exhibit.

RAIN also participates in the development of source water protection plans, helping water authorities in the network prepare for emergencies along the rivers. These plans include recognition of potential sources of contamination and opportunities for education and outreach in each of their communities.  RAIN recognizes that if we hope to improve the quality of our water, the network and communities must work together to make it happen.

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