Cataloging Sewer Inspection Videos through GIS



Through routine sanitary sewer inspections, sewer systems will amass a library of inspection videos. Cataloging these records for future reference has always been a challenge.

To help utilities retrieve the valuable information collected through the inspection, SSM creates asset management programs through GIS. The program is built upon a comprehensive GIS geodatabase that locates and inventories every manhole and cleanout in a sanitary sewer system through as-built records and GPS data capture. Video inspection footage is then integrated into the GIS framework of sanitary lines, creating a quick reference to video files for the surveyed lines. Online maps are built through ArcGIS online accounts to provide staff and consultants with the access to data. When a sewer line is selected in the map, a pop-up window displays a reference index to locate the inspection video, such as the date of the inspection, media reference label (“DVD II,” or “Tape 03”), and video index (“Chapter 16,” or “3:14”). For further quick reference, screen shots of problem areas are embedded directly into the GIS data. The GIS-based asset management program is designed to deliver field-critical information at decision-makers fingertips.