Indoor Environmental Management Programs

At SSM, we consider all environmental factors in our IAQ/IEQ management programs to include building structure, materials, construction activities, and heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as the building occupants activities, the cleaning and maintenance of the building and sources originating outside the building that have the potential to impact indoor air quality. Our program is designed to recognize how systems work together within the built environment to improve indoor air quality and create a Satisfactory Work and Learning Environment (better than Satisfactory is our goal!).

A customized IAQ/IEQ Management Program may be exactly what your school needs to ensure you’re providing a safe learning environment for your staff and students. SSM’s health & safety professionals and engineering staff have developed a comprehensive Indoor Environmental Management Program to address these issues. As no two schools are ever quite the same and even two similar schools may have very different issues, the program is intended to be customized and adapted for the individual needs or level of coverage required by the subject school(s).

This program is designed to assist school facility managers identify and eliminate Indoor Air Quality/ Environmental issues that impact the school’s learning environment. The program establishes an IEQ baseline that has proven to be instrumental in designing and implementing solutions to address any outstanding IEQ issues as well as prevent future issues from occurring. SSM combines decades of experience working with hundreds of school buildings and assisting facilities managers with every day indoor environmental quality problems.

Based on the school district’s site specific situation, SSM’s staff can develop a management plan customized to assure that the indoor air quality/indoor environmental quality is not compromised during ongoing construction activities and will work with the district to maintain the highest level of indoor air quality. SSM will assist the facility managers with determining what problems exist in the schools and how can they be addressed and prioritized in a cost effective logical fashion.