Preparing for MS4 Regulations


Under the new Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) regulations that will take effect in 2018, new permittees will need to comply with additional obligations to meet the revised general stormwater permit requirements under PAG-13.

Municipal employees, engineers, and contractors can prepare by reviewing the updated Minimum Control Measures (MCMs), and organizing current practices and training to determine possible gaps that fall short of their permit conditions.

Minimum Control Measures

There are 6 areas of stormwater pollution concerns that will be addressed through these MCMs.

  1. Public Education- Provide education to the public about stormwater pollution and reduction.
  2. Public Involvement - Involve the public in developing and implementing the municipality’s MS4 stormwater program.
  3. llicit Discharge Detection & Elimination - Identify and remove unpermitted discharges to municipality’s storm system.
  4. Construction- Reduce or eliminate stormwater runoff from construction sites in the municipality.
  5. Post-Construction - Reduce or eliminate stormwater from site where construction has been completed.
  6. Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping- Reducing or eliminating runoff from municipal services and activities.

MS4 Preparations: Explore Mapping Options

If your system isn’t captured in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), now is the time to contemplate upgrading your mapping. Consider capturing all the components of your MS4 conveyance system, which includes pipes, swales, catch basins, roads, and inlets.

Transform your water, sewer, storm water, or transportation infrastructure data into an easy-to-use operations asset management system. SSM’s GIS Asset Management approach captures vital infrastructure data points with your system with survey-grade accuracy. 

The data is verified and compiled into a geo-spatial database. By creating customized mobile web applications, the data is accessible to you in the office, or in the field. Field-critical data, such as material description, installation date, inspection reports and service history, available at your finger-tips when you need it most.

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