Answering the multi-faceted needs of our clients with a single source for engineering services.

We Are Successful When Our Clients Are Successful

We have always understood that it takes a lot to make and market a product, assure regulatory compliance and address needs such as increased capacity, routine maintenance and facility expansion. That's why manufacturers of everything from chocolate to steel have turned to SSM when it comes time to plan more efficient warehouses and distribution centers, conduct feasibility studies, upgrade utilities and building systems, improve traffic flow and expand operations. Just as it was in 1967, SSM provides our clients with the benefit of multi-discipline engineering capabilities.

Collaboration and Complex Projects

Our solutions are as unique as your problems. Everything we do begins with a challenge. A client's need or vision to make part of the world better: cleaner, safer, healthier, faster, smarter, closer, more modern, more efficient, or otherwise more useful. Whether a client requires expertise in a single specialty or the integration of a wide variety of engineering disciplines, SSM is the single source for the solution. We utilize an integrated design process on all of the projects we undertake, because collaboration and integrated design reduce design costs and constant communication increases the chances of project success.

Renovations and Reuse: Existing Building Experts

Design and construction for renovations and retrofits demands a different set of expertise and talents than new construction. And lots of experience. SSM utilizes experienced staff and technology tools to maximize avoided costs during planning and design. SSM specializes in engineering and environmental consulting and design for existing buildings and infrastructure.

In 2004 SSM expanded it’s facility engineering expertise to the high tech building market, including R&D laboratories, data centers and telecommunications facilities, extending the geographic market from the Mid-Atlantic region to the Eastern United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We have extensive experience in renovating, expanding and upgrading Mission Critical Data Centers including helping our clients to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs. Our facility engineers utilize CFD analysis to optimize the cooling system and layout. The data power load and the cooling system are matched and arranged to achieve maximum energy efficiency. This keeps the cost of cooling both in equipment and operation down while maximizing the data load capability.




Upgrade HVAC Systems with Geothermal and Other Energy Saving Equipment         Pennsbury Manor is a historic recreation of William Penn’s 17th century estate. SSM provided design phase activities including site reconnaissance to compare existing drawings to discovered conditions, field surveying, and HVAC analyses of the buildings to determine appropriate sizing, as well as site environmental assessments for hazardous materials (asbestos) that may be impacted by proposed upgrades. We provided drawings representing existing conditions, life cycle cost analysis, and preliminary site layout design drawings.