Fire Protection is Critical to Business Continuity

Fire protection systems are essential to the safety of your employees and protection of your property. But more than that, these systems are essential in helping you to manage the risks associated with business continuity. Imagine the impact on your business or organization if a key production line were to go off-line for an extended period of time, if the runoff from a fire event were to cause an environmental impact, or if the assets in your building (from equipment to historical artefacts) were to be destroyed.

An evaluation of your fire protection systems will identify potential risks within your facility or on your campus. The evaluation can address all potential threats from building and fire code compliance to safeguards like alarms, sprinklers, to inventorying the hazardous materials, to modeling the water flow to the hydrants.

Consider Your Facility/Campus

Are you in compliance with local fire codes? Is the fire suppression system in place aligned with the current function of your facility? We can help. Our team of mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers are experienced in developing fire protection systems.

Emergency Water Supply is critical to Disaster Preparedness

Water supply interruption can be caused by several types of events such as natural disaster, a failure of the community water system, construction damage or even an act of terrorism. Because water supplies can and do fail, it is imperative to understand and address how your facility will be impacted.



Emergency Water System Evaluation and Distribution System Mapping

SSM recently completed a Water System Analysis project that including preparation of drawings to depict the location of the various water supply mains, fire hydrants, and valves throughout the facility. As a follow-up to the Analysis, and using the data collected, SSM constructed a hydraulic model of the water supply system to simulate various demand and emergency supply scenarios.