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Safe drinking water begins as the source.

Before you can protect drinking water, you need to from where it comes. The first step in developing a source water protection plan is verifying the source for the water supply. Once confirmed, we work closely with the water supplier and community representatives to identify ways of protecting these areas. We characterize potential sources of contamination, develop protective management strategies, plan for emergencies, and provide new water supply options. Our professionals delineate protective zones around each well or surface water intake to show the areas that contribute to the drinking water supply and educate stakeholders on watershed improvement.

Why is source water protection important?

Public Health Protection – Source water protection plans help minimize threats to public health by keeping harmful contaminants out of the water supply.

Reduced Treatment Costs – Clean water is less expensive to treat and reduces system operation and maintenance costs.

Economic Benefits – Clean and plentiful water will enhance your community’s potential to attract employers, maintain a healthy economy, and possibly enjoy the benefits of tourism.

Environmental Stewardship – Protecting water resources will sustain the native ecosystem and improve the quality of life for future generations.

The technology of source water protection is constantly evolving.  SSM is committed to providing water systems the tools needed to protect their precious water supply through a variety of consulting services.