Vertical Loop Reactor Wastewater Treatment Plant



Birdsboro Municipal Authority

Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

SSM designed the 1.89 mgd Vertical Loop Reactor Wastewater Treatement Plant (WWTP) upgrade for the Birdsboro Municipal Authority to meet the NPDES permit limits and be in compliance with the PADEP consent order.  SSM was integral in designing the vertical loop reactor which is an oxidation ditch turned on its side.  The mixing and aeration is provided by utilizing disc rotors supplemented with coarse bubble air diffusers for aeration.  The WWTP is capable of handling high peak flow and provide nitrification and denitrification within the same tank providing a small footprint on the limited space on the WWTP site.

A slurry wall utilizing high clay content material installed below grade shaped the barrier walls that surround the WWTP.  The wall was constructed to prevent water from percolating through the ground under a dike and allowing the WWTP to be protected during potential flooding events.