Check out the Water System App

Liberate your GIS data through the use of web-enabled mobile applications.

Transform your water/wastewater infrastructure data into an easy-to-use operations asset management system.

SSM’s GIS Asset Management approach captures vital infrastructure data points with your system with survey-grade accuracy.  The data is verified and compiled into a geo-spatial database.  By creating customized mobile web applications, the data is accessible to you in the office, or in the field.  Field-critical data, such as material description, installation date, inspection reports and service history, available at your finger-tips when you need it most.


Virtual Walk Thru

Check out a sample of our virtual viewing tool which allows SSM engineers and designers, owners and other project consultants to see and document existing facility conditions through the planning and design phases.

This tool can also serve to document as-built conditions of a facility at the completion of construction.