Wally on the Spott

Johnny on the Spot: a person who is on hand and ready to perform a service or respond to an emergency. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

In 1896 the phrase, Johnny on the Spot was the subject of an article in the New York Sun titled “Johnny on the Spot: A New Phrase Which Has Become Popular in New York.” The article details the expression that had become very popular in NYC. According to HOT Idioms, here’s what was said: ‘We need a printer in Chicago… Johnny on the spot. You got it?’

We’re taking the phrase, adding some Spotts, Stevens and McCoy values and coining a new, regular feature in the Spottlight: Wally on the Spott.


This new column is focused on the emergencies that our clients face and the  solutions that we help them find. We maintain a highly trained and equipped workforce to respond to and recover from daily incidents, local emergencies, and major disasters. SSM holds true to our reputation of being available, responsive, and forward-thinking.

Here are a few examples of our response to emergency situations:

  • On a Sunday morning at 4:20 am, one of SSM’s Project Managers received a call from one of our clients who had just encountered a 36’ water main break on a state highway. Our Project Manager took the call and headed into action and scrambled our resources. Within hours, SSM staff was on-site evaluating the situation, preparing action plans and coordinating emergency repair services.

  • A personal-care beauty products manufacturer received two separate OSHA Citations and Notice of Penalty letters that contained violations with a combined proposed penalty of $285,000. The work involved was multi-faceted in that it involved two separate tasks to address violations of OSHA’s Flammable Liquid Standard and a Fire Code Evaluation of an explosion proof room. As a result of SSM’s assistance, the proposed OSHA penalty was reduced by half.

  • SSM provided emergency services for a healthcare facility. The hospital had received a Notice of Violation (NOV) from the DEP and requested our immediate help to avoid a substantial fine. Within the 30-day timeframe, SSM coordinated walkthrough inspection of the facility to ascertain all air contaminant sources, calculated the site’s Potential to Emit (PTE) emissions, and completed all DEP application forms. SSM also prepared two separate Request for Determinations (RFDs) for two exempt combustion sources and a request to eliminate the site’s synthetic minor status. Ultimately, the facility was able to remain compliant with State and Federal regulations and did not receive a fine due to our team’s rapid response.