Commonwealth Financing Authority Accepting Applications for Act 13 Grants

On February 1, the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) began accepting applications for Act 13 drilling impact fees paid by natural gas drillers. These grants are for watershed restoration, abandoned mine drainage abatement, baseline water quality data, orphaned or abandoned well plugging, sewage facilities, flood mitigation programs and recreation. The deadline for applications is May 31.

SUMMARY | Available Grants

  • WATERSHED RESTORATION - The overall goal of the Watershed Restoration and Protection Program is to restore and maintain restored stream reaches impaired by the uncontrolled discharge of nonpoint source polluted runoff, and ultimately to remove these streams from the Department of Environmental Protection’s Impaired Waters list.

  • ABANDONED MINE DRAINAGE ABATEMENT AND TREATMENT - Projects which involve the reclamation of Abandoned Mine Well(s), construction of a new AMD site, remediation and repair of existing AMD project sites, operation and maintenance maintaining current AMD remediation sites, establishment of trust fund to ensure ongoing maintenance is achieved, and monitoring of water quality to track or continue to trace nonpoint source load reductions resulting from AMD remediation projects.

  • ORPHAN OR ABANDONED WELL PLUGGING PROGRAM - Projects which involve the cleaning out and plugging of abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells; stray gas mitigation systems; and well venting projects.

  • BASELINE WATER QUALITY DATA - Projects which involve practices for water sample collection and analysis to document existing groundwater quality conditions on private water supplies.

  • SEWAGE FACILITIES PROGRAM - Costs associated with the planning work required under Act 537 Sewage Facilities Act.

  • FLOOD MITIGATION - Projects authorized by a flood protection authority, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) or the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) or identified by a local government for flood mitigation are eligible for the program.

  • GREENWAYS, TRAILS AND RECREATION PROGRAM - Projects which involve development, rehabilitation and improvements to public parks, recreation areas, greenways, trails and river conservation.

In 2018, SSM assisted our clients in obtaining $650,000 in CFA Grant funding.

  • Western Berks Water Authority - Mohrsville Water District Arsenic Removal System - SSM helped the Western Berks Water Authority to secure a $125,000 grant from the Commonwealth Financing Authority PA Small Water and Sewer Program for an upgraded arsenic removal system. This new addition improves the water quality for Wernersville, Sinking Spring, and the surrounding Greater Reading area.

  • Walnutport Water & Sewer Authority - South Canal Street Water Main Crossing - SSM aided the Walnutport Authority of Northampton County in obtaining a $200,000 grant from the Commonwealth Financing Authority PA Small Water and Sewer Program. The funds were used for a project to replace an aging water main under the Lehigh Canal which serves drinking water to existing Lehigh customers. SSM provided the location maps and zoning designations of the service areas, as well as prepared and submitted a complete grant package for the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) and the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) to get funding consistent with Northampton County’s Comprehensive Plan.

  • Coplay-Whitehall Sewer Authority - Prospect Street Sanitary Sewer Construction Project - SSM successfully prepared and submitted a $100,000 grant package for the Coplay-Whitehall Sewer Authority for a project under the Commonwealth Financing Authority PA Small Water and Sewer Grant Program. The project involved constructing new sanitary sewers to provide service to residents on Prospect Street, located in Whitehall Township of Lehigh County. The funds were used to provide upgraded reliable sewer infrastructure and adjoining an existing residential zoning area where public sewer service was already provided. This ultimately eliminates groundwater pollution and provides the county’s customers with the best water quality.

  • Reading Area Water Authority - Filter Replacement Project - The Reading Area Water Authority (RAWA) was granted $125,000 by the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) to finance the replacement and rehabilitation of four deteriorating filters and surrounding piping at the Maidencreek Filter Plant. SSM provided the CFA grant package, including preparation and submission of written materials, as well as coordination with all parties involved. The upgrade of the treatment plant’s filters positively benefit over 125,000 drinking water customers of the City of Reading and surrounding areas. With the upgrades obtained from the funding, RAWA can ensure more efficient disinfection, filtration, and treatment of The City’s drinking water and overall better water quality.

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WE CAN HELP.   Contact  Jamie Lorah, PE  for assistance with your grant application.


Contact Jamie Lorah, PE for assistance with your grant application.