Join the Seminar: Exploring Solar in Pennsylvania

Prices for solar systems have fallen by nearly 60% over the past five years. The lowered prices combined with incentives currently available make solar particularly attractive.

Immediate Savings - Solar energy is produced economically, leading to immediate savings for operating budgets. Most non-profits who contract for solar reduce their electric bills by 10-20%.

Lock in Your Energy Costs - With solar power, you are less dependent on the utility company and the fluctuating prices of energy commodities like oil and gas. This protects your organization from the outside spikes of energy costs.

Long-Term Residual Value - The dependable, sustainable technology of solar creates energy for decades.

Capture Value and Reduce UV Ray Exposure - Solar allows you to collect the value from the sun that would otherwise go wasted each year and wear down your roof from damaging UV rays.

Environmentally Friendly and Simple - Solar Power is pollution free; its renewable and does not create any greenhouse gases. There are no moving parts and it is noise-free.

Positive Message - People like supporting organizations that utilize renewable energy, and employees have higher morale and a better view of their leadership