Jordan Greenway Trails | Whitehall Township

jordan greenway.jpg

SSM prepared construction drawings for a one-mile section of paved multi-use trail along the Jordan Creek within property owned by Whitehall Township. SSM also prepared required documentation to obtain an NPDES permit for stormwater management and a Joint Permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for the construction of bridge abutments and a pedestrian bridge within the floodway and of trail sections within the floodplain of the Jordan Creek. The trail includes a 180’ span pedestrian bridge over the Jordan Creek. Funding was provided in part by a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation grant; as such the plans and procedures all followed PennDOT protocol and the project was let by PennDOT.

SSM was responsible for design, permitting, Right-of-Way clearance, Utility clearance, and preparation of a PennDOT P, S & E package. Funding was also provided in part by a Pennsylvania DCNR grant.