Enhance the Workplace from the Outside In

Add an outdoor speaker, and your staff is still connected . . . even if they're unplugged for 15 minutes. 

Add an outdoor speaker, and your staff is still connected . . . even if they're unplugged for 15 minutes. 

Are you looking for new ways to improve your employee experience? Do you want to boost productivity, and build strong teams? Do you want your team to benefit from a break without having to leave your property?

Before you invest in another table tennis table, scooter or bean bag chair, take a look out the window! Sometimes all it takes is a breath of fresh air. Consider the benefits of investing in outdoor space, to create a setting for employees to relax, refresh, and recharge.

Entice your employees outside by creating a patio area near an entrance or the cafeteria. A few picnic tables are enough to get started. Perhaps develop the area with some privacy screening, comfortable seating, and some shaded areas. For added benefits, consider outdoor power sources (for laptops and cell phones). WIFI is a great addition to the space whether your workers are going to get some work done in the space or maybe spend some leisure time reading or shopping online.

Remember direct sunlight and electronics don’t work well together. Be sure you’ve offered some shaded areas (trees, umbrellas, roofing) and reap the benefits of temperature control as well.

Is there space to move about the property? A trail that winds through your property provides exercise options from relaxing strolls to quick jogs. Add some seating along the way or an activity station to add to the experience. Sometimes you just need a few minutes to recharge and a privacy nook is a welcome site. Use the walking trail to guide users to the treasures on your property, whether it’s a water feature that provides tranquility, a bird-watching area, or a private spot under a tree.

Don’t limit your thinking to ground-level attractions. Do you have a balcony or rooftop access? Whether it’s a flower or vegetable garden or shaded seating, you can provide a fresh air place for employees to break outside the office. Add a grill to the space and host company gatherings.

Add an outdoor speaker, and your staff is still connected…even if they’re unplugged for 15 minutes.