Managing the Data Center

Maximizing Efficiency and Reducing Operational Costs

Are you faced with cool spots or hot spots? Are you providing more cooling than necessary? It may be time to focus on the details of air distribution and find out how a small change in air flow can affect your temperature.

Our engineers utilize CFD analysis to optimize the cooling system and layout. The data power load and the cooling system are matched and arranged to achieve maximum energy efficiency. This keeps the cost of cooling both in equipment and operation down while maximizing the data load capability.

We create a model that replicates the physical data center layout including power densities and cooling equipment locations and capabilities and the analysis is run to determine the resulting temperatures and airflows in the space. Using programs specifically designed for use in analyzing air movement and heat transfer, we can create a virtual simulation of the conditions within a data center allowing the engineer to model different scenarios that may occur such as the failure of a cooling unit.

A Little Change can Make A Big Difference

  • Maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs: Don’t buy more cooling than you need. Eliminate hot spots.
  • Save energy and money: Properly cool your servers. Maximize your load density. Realize an efficient space layout.